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Content marketing services

Content marketing is what makes both people notice your business on the internet. 

Whether you’re creating content for your homepage, commercial pages, or for supporting content, an intelligent and data-led strategy is key to any content marketing campaign.

Keyword research

Keyword research allows you to find out how people are searching for your business and its services through search engines and other online channels.

I provide my clients with comprehensive keyword research for sustainable content strategies that drive performance and encourage long-term growth.

Content optimisation

With carefully optimised content that adheres to best practices and modern guidelines, websites can reap the rewards of carefully tailored content marketing. 

After a full analysis of your website, I can help plot out an intelligent and creative optimisation plan that puts your business in the best possible position for moving forward in organic search. I have experience doing semantic optimization, Knowledge graphs, Featured snippets and Video/Image Optimisation.

Topic modelling

With a carefully planned content campaign that takes into account a website’s information structure, websites can reap the rewards of carefully planned and executed content. You should consider optimizing for topics instead of keywords.

By devising a carefully structured content plan based on a topic modelling, I can empower your site’s organic search performance through intelligent content marketing.

Content writing

Every business needs the best possible marketing to sell its services and products, which is exactly why every website needs expertly crafted content.

I provide expert content writers for my clients that specialise in specific sectors and topics. Armed with a comprehensive and diligent content plan, I can help clients get ahead of the curve in even the most competitive sectors.

Content training

Sometimes companies have their own in-house staff that require training on the latest updates and best practices.

With over eight years of experience in the world of SEO, I can help your team members get to grips with the latest methodologies and practices that enable strong digital growth.

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