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E-Commerce SEO services

No website is the same, which means that no single SEO strategy can be applied to the same website twice. This is especially true when it comes to E-commerce SEO, which is one of the most dynamic and competitive areas of online marketing. E-commerce SEO applies to any website which sells products online.

Information & Internal linking architecture analysis

In order to perform well in organic search, both users and search engine crawlers must be able to easily and efficiently navigate a website.

From a search perspective, each website is given a certain budget that indicates how long a search engine crawler can explore it. This means that a website must be constructed with crawl efficiency in mind so that search engines can get the best and fullest understanding of a website.

In regards to users, no single person should find themselves lost within a website, for if they do get lost, it means that the website in question could lose a valuable customer.

With a full structural analysis of your website, however, we can help pinpoint weak areas and define an intelligent strategy and restructuring of the site.

Internal linking is also an important factor and I can do a full analysis and provide you with a full internal linking strategy.

Category & product page optimisation

Although it is generally the case that site owners know which categories and products are important to their business, it is not always the case that they know how to optimise them.

From unlocking crucial keywords and search phrases used by customers, through to properly structuring a product page and implementing schema information, there is much to consider within every page.

With an initial on-page analysis, I can provide you with detailed steps and solutions to help improve the performance of your commercial pages.

Crawl budget optimisation

As e-commerce sites can generally grow their pages by the thousands, it is integral that site owners consider how to optimise their crawl budgets.

From evaluating a site’s pagination, through to limiting the crawling of dynamic URLs, I can provide the solutions your e-commerce site needs to make the fullest and best use of its crawl budget. (Note: Only applies to large sites with over 50k pages)

If you have an E-Commerce store and need help in optimising your site for organic traffic contact me for a quote.

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