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In the modern digital world, it is not possible for websites to succeed without a comprehensive and diligent SEO strategy.

Including on-site analysis and full market evaluations, I can provide you with the roadmap you need to succeed in your current and future markets.

Full technical audits

Every SEO strategy must start with a tailored technical audit to analyse and discover a website’s strengths, weaknesses, and of course, its full potential.

Inspecting over a hundred elements and factors, I can provide you with a full technical analysis of your website, alongside step-by-step fixes and evaluations along the way — helping to build your strategy from the ground up. I use a mix of tools and custom processes to create your audit. My audit will highlight the most important issues and a detailed guide for developers so its easy to fix them.

Since having the pleasure of getting to know him, Suganthan has very quickly become my go-to person for advice on all things SEO and e-commerce. What I like is a lot of his strategies are based on a creative mind, and an original approach to solving problems, based on thorough testing. Highly recommended.

Daniel Pati - SEO Lead at TM Lewin

TAM discovery and Forecasting

Also Known as Total Available Market discovery, this is the process of evaluating and discovering current and future markets for expansion and development.

Whether on a local, global, or national basis, I can help you discover and open up new market potential through comprehensive market research and consultancy.

Furthermore, with full knowledge of your market, I can help pinpoint your sector’s most profitable and lucrative periods, as well as implementing strategies to counter the quieter ones.

Competitor GAP analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing is just as critical in the digital world as it is in the real one.

From competitors that are based locally, to ones that are international, I can provide full reports on competitor strategies as well as their market shares, performances, and weaknesses.

Although each and every GAP analysis will be tailored to a client’s sector, these will typically include:

  • A content analysis

  • A backlink analysis

  • A technology analysis

  • A social media presence analysis

With a detailed and comprehensive analysis that is explained on a granular yet easy-to-understand way, I can provide you with the solutions you need to get ahead in your sector. Contact me for a quote.

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