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Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is one of the most important elements of search and is one that only the best and most experienced SEO consultants can offer.

With my guidance, experience, and knowledge at hand, however, I can provide you with the knowledge and strategy you need for success within the organic search.

On-page SEO

Every page on a website, from supporting articles, through to key commercial pages, must be intelligently optimised for maximum search performance.

After a full and in-depth site audit, I can provide you with a full and comprehensive roadmap for your on-page SEO, detailing strengths, weaknesses, and potential on the most granular level. On-page SEO goes beyond setting up SEO Plugins and writing titles and meta descriptions.

Log-file analysis

Together, data and statistics run the digital world, and you can discover a plethora of information within your site’s log files. With a full investigation at hand, I can not only provide you with insights to how your site is performing but also, where it has the potential to go next.

  • Find and fix crawling issues.

  • Crawl budget optimisation.

  • Find slow loading pages causing performance issues.

  • Finding orphan pages.

  • Locating server errors.

  • Identifying frequently crawled pages.

Schema implementation

Structured data is a fantastic way of allowing your site to reach audiences outside of traditional organic search listings.

Including rich results and snippets, with intelligent schema implementation, I can help your site reach audiences across a variety of modern and new search channels.

Page speed analysis

As the world is moving increasingly towards mobile, how quickly your site loads is integral to how well it performs in organic search.

With a full-page speed analysis, I can provide you with an intelligent strategy to help boost the speed of your website so that it meets the technical standards of an increasingly faster world.

Internal link analysis and information architecture design

The link structure of your website is integral to how it performs in organic search as bots and spiders crawl it for information.

A poor internal linking structure could mean that your site isn’t getting properly crawled. With a full internal linking structure analysis, I can provide you with the solutions and guidance you need for an efficient internal linking structure.

Similarly, the information structure of a website refers to how it is structured so that users and crawlers can navigate and use it with ease. 

Although the design of a website may be visually stunning, if its information architecture is not structured correctly, it could lead to underperformance.

With a full analysis at hand, I can provide you with a tailored plan to help get your information architecture back on track.

Website migrations

Website migrations can be one of the hardest technical tasks that a website may experience.

With the proper planning, analysis, and roadmap, however, a website migration need not hinder your website.

Semantic and entity optimization

The modern search uses semantics and entities to build a relationship between terms. Gone are the days when you can stuff keywords into an article and get them ranked. If you do this now, you will get penalized.

These are the keywords that are semantically related to your target keywords. You no longer have to create many pages to rank for two similar keywords. By utilising semantic keywords, you can create one page and rank for more than one related terms.

Using sophisticated semantic analysis tools and techniques, I can help you rank for your terms.

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