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Voice search services

As technology evolves, so does search, and voice search is just one of the many new ways that people can discover products and services on the internet.

With more people begin to search the internet simply through the power of their own voice, there has never been a better time to invest in voice search optimisation.

Brand query research and investigations

It goes without saying that people speak a lot differently from how they type, which is why it is critical that every business is aware of how people discover them online.

Using state-of-the-art research methodologies I can analyse how people are finding your website and which phrases they are using to discover it through a multitude of technologies.

What’s more, I can also carry out comprehensive GAP analyses to discover how people are finding your nearest competitors before providing you with a roadmap for search success.

Featured snippet optimisation

Featured snippets are powerful channels to reach an audience outside of traditional search.

Providing users with clear, concise, and accurate information, featured snippets are often referred to as “position zero” in the SEO industry and can be highly lucrative for websites that are featured in them.

With a creative yet data-led campaign, I can identify where your site could benefit from featured snippet optimisation so that you can reach your audience outside of traditional organic search.

Schema implementation and markup analysis

With the right kind of markup featured on your website, you can reach audiences on a whole new level from audio playback using text-to-speech (TTS).

After a full markup analysis and review, I can implement the best possible strategy so that your site can benefit from the ever-expanding world of voice search.

Mobile audits and voice search prioritisation

Without harnessing the power of mobile SEO, it is impossible for any website to find success within the voice search.

Off the back of a comprehensive mobile audit, however, I can provide your business with the roadmap for a dynamic, versatile, and modern website that can take full advantage of voice search.

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